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Anyone ever go to Kauai or Maui Hawaii?
If so what would you recommend a climbing arborist go see.
What are the best hiking trails of Kauai or Maui?
What are the best zip line tours?


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If you go to Kauai,do the Napali Coast trail hike, it's stunning, only about 2-3 miles but a major workout, rugged terrain. Bring water and take your time, trekking poles came in handy for me, silly as they look.

I did the inner tube tour of the irrigation ditches that carry rainwater from the mountains to the old sugar cane fields, it was actually pretty cool, very educational. The same company that does the tubing does a zipline deal also.

Lydgate and Poipu beaches are great. Going back this Sept.


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Went to both islands only 2 months ago. the night life is much better on maui and so is the scenery. i would reccomend renting a harley and riding the northwest coast. Road to hana is kinda uneventful. In kauaii we used Outfitters kauaii for the zipline trek. Tons of fun and great for a climber. If ya have any specific questions for me pm me all you want.

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