Happy Father's Day!

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
Happy Father\'s Day!

Since this is a special event and this is the forum for special events...Happy Fathers Day to all of the Dads out there!

Give your Dad's a big hug and kiss today. Think of what we'd be without our Dad's guidance. Maybe we can think of what we did to be contrary to Dad that turned us into the gang we are today.

This weekend is pretty special for me. My folks are visiting from Dallas for a few weeks and my brother came up fore the weekend too. It's fun to be together today talking about the "Glory Days" of all of our youth. Dad has been telling us some stories about his time in the Navy at the tail end of WW II. He said it took them about nine days to sail from Oakland to Japan with a stop in Okinawa. He was in Japan after VJ day. The stories are interesting.


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