Happy Birthday to Sierra Moreno Mercantile Company


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Happy B'Day SMMC! I bought a Blair saddle in 1977 that didn't quite fit right. Contacted Don and he said to mark the changes I needed and send it back and he would have it taylored to my needs. He knew the person at Stringer by name that made my saddle. It was a great saddle and I still have it though I doubt that it will fit me now. Best of luck Don.
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Been here a while
Rocking an early Hobbs and an old floating dee in Truckee 6-7 yrs ago. Back in the day 2 buddies and myself took the trip down to Don's in Mountain View and bought 3 Hobbs devices plus a few saddles, which we all rode for decades....

The Hobbs on this job was run over by a D6 (no shit), and is still in service to this day....

IMG_0106.JPG IMG_0122.JPG

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