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Hello All,

My Name is Cameron McDermid. I am vice-presedent of Green Industries, Inc. located in Italy, Texas. I actually work out of a town called Buda, Texas, just south of Austin.
We are a manufacturer of Liquid Fertilizers for Turf & Ornamental applications. We also package for some other sellers in the liquid fertilizer industry. We are also distributors of Post-Patent, also known as generic, pesticides. We also happen to be the distributor of the product known as Propiconazole 14.3, a product labeled for treatments on Oaks and Elms.

One of our guys, who is now known as Quali-Pro Guy on this forum, brought your website to my attention. This is a great web site that someone has obviously put a lot of work into. I am sure it is important to most of you that the information on this site be as accurate as possible. It may be that some of your business could be effected by bad information presented here. We felt a need to correct some of the bad information being disseminated. I fear that some of this information may be planted by desperate individuals with an agenda that defies the intention of this forum. I hope this is not the case.

It is a common misconception that generic fungicides somehow, as a general rule,
have less efficacy than the products they are patterned after. These ideas are perpetuated by people that usually sell the original products and have much to lose by their own abscence of forethought. The truth of the matter is that often the so called "Knock Off" products posess higher levels of Efficacy than the originals. Based on the feedback we are getting from some notable names in the Oak Wilt treatment business, our product fits that description. We have no reason to believe that this improvement won't cross over to Elm Treatments.

From a chemistry standpoint, the only difference between Alamo and Quali-Pro Propiconazole 14.3 is the blue dye. Our product is manufactured by the largest generic chemical producer in the world, Makhteshim Agan. They are a 1.7 billion dollar company actually listed on the Israeli Stock Exchange.They are the best at what they do and we are proud to be associated with them. Farmsaver is the arm of the company that we directly deal with and we are engaged with them to offer some different packaging options for all.

We have two associates that are selling our product all over the country. I have no doubt that they all will chime in on this subject. They are Tommy Smith and Todd Miller. If any of you have any questions for the manufacturer, please direct them to Allan Yust, Business Manager for Farmsaver

The information I have given you is 100% accurate, as should all of the information presented on your forum should be. There are those who will seek to try and fool you with bad information. If you find them, I suggest you eliminate the threat to the integrity of your Forum. If any of those people are reading
this thread remember, this is about tree care, not self preservation. Tell the truth, no matter how much it hurts.

Thanks for Reading,

Go Vikings!!


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Re: Propiconizole Thank you

Hey C - that's great info and glad to have it, but that Vikings crap better stay off this site....there's DEFINITELY no data to support a silly statment like that

Tom Dunlap

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Re: Propiconizole Thank you

Do you know what the Vikings have in common with a junk yard car?

Scroll down

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From the former MN resident


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Re: Propiconizole Thank you


I have always liked the vikings since the days of tarkenton running in circles and throwing td passes. Your post has helped me begin to deal with the fact that I lost my faith in our own Cowboys long ago. I digress with the "Go Vikings" blather. My bad.


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