Green Ash trunk degradation


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My green ash trees have been hit hard by the emerald ash borer. Most have died within the last six months. I live in Wisconsin. Anybody have a guess about how long it will be OK for me to climb them? Some (50?) need to come down from the top, and I need to know how long I have to get them down. I know there's no solid time frame, just would like to get some experienced opinions.


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Roughly one year. But I wouldn't judge it based on time I would look at each individual tree. Once the bark starts sloughing off I won't touch them. I have not had any unexpected breakages on trees that were dead but the bark was still tight.

Tom Dunlap

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Length of infestation and concentration of infestation should weigh heavier than the calendar.

Pick the easy removals first. The floppers. Pay attention to how the wood cracks and fractures when they hit the ground. Are the breaks angular points with lots of long fiber tears? Are the ends castellated? more square-ish ends? Look at the infestation on the cracked branches.

YOu might be able to draw some very general conclusions. But, without experience in cutting lots of trees you might draw the wrong conclusion.

Its great that you're reaching out of course. But, like too often the case, this is more art than science.

"It depends"
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