Ginkgo stinko!


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has anyone out there ever used florel to eliminate the fruit on a ginkgo? Has it worked for you?

I have used it successfully on pears and crabs, but never tried a ginkgo!


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Our IPM department used it on a young tree for the past two years. The first year we thought we had the chemical cure for the nasty tree. This last year they missed the spray window by a couple days and it was basically a waste of time and chemical. The stinkos were in full force. It is fairly difficult getting the chemical out at the right time because of how small the flowers are.


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What about Snipper for Ginkgos? I have a client that we started Snipper treatments on a 30" DBH Ginkgo last spring. I haven't checked back with them yet to see if there was a reduction in fruit this year, but they agreed to try Snipper for three years before judging its efficacy.

i've had some success with using Atrimmec PGR for nuissance fruit applications. I like it better than florel because it has a bigger window for application as well as can be applied as a trunk spray reducing the need for an overhead spray application. I haven't used it on ginkos, but have had success preventing cotton on cottonwood trees and crabapples.
its worth a try...

here a link to the product page

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I see this thread is a few years old, but I have a customer who is looking to have a gingko sprayed to eliminate fruiting. Sounds like the tree is very large, so I'm thinking that a systemic like Snipper would be easier and work better. Has anyone tried this? Have any success or failure stories?

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