Fungus? Slime mold?


Got a text from my sales rep to help I.D something she found on small sapling Beeches, most likely grandifolia. The substance was found on a bunch in a small area. At first I thought fungus, but closest I could find was actually a slime mold; specifically Leocarpus fragilis.

1CB92FBC-9A19-4856-A58F-52BD4E22D7DE.jpeg 2EC3428B-FC52-431C-9401-2F7340669E10.jpeg

any thoughts? My intuition says it’s nothing to worry about.


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I'd go with "nothing to worry about". Might be a myxo, but I think of Leocarpus sporocarps as being more eggplant-shaped rather than disk-like, but ID'ing from cell phone snaps is risky business. That being said, I do it all too often!
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Yeah I’m definitely not confident in the Leocarpus ID. I couldn’t find anything close enough but was thinking maybe these were in a late stage of the life cycle.