FS: DMM Small Impact Block, Camp Goblin

Used once DMM Impact Block Small with 11' TRex 3/4" Dead Eye sling.

Price 250 shiped US

Never used camp goblin
130 obo

PXL_20210217_214233987.jpg PXL_20210217_214240684.jpg PXL_20210217_214249104.jpg PXL_20210217_214256274.jpg

PXL_20210228_181932989.jpg PXL_20210228_182010973.jpg PXL_20210302_230619797.jpg PXL_20210302_230611894.jpg
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Been here a while
Atglen, PA
Would you take $200 on the Evo 2s? I don’t really need another pair right now, but I’ll wear my current set out eventually.


Been here a while
My Island, WA
Shoot me a price for the boots and block as a package.
Not to sound like an ass but I can get the boots for cheaper brand new and the block for 8 bucks more and splice a sling myself

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