Fruit reduction treatments


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Looking for advice and suggestions to direct my research with fruit reduction/abort in a wide variety of species.
Historically, I have treated Sweetgum and Walnut with great success using aerial spraying. The problem arises when the weather does not cooperate and prohibits spraying. Last season I decided to field test the Wedgle system and Pinscher. I was very frustrated with the injection process. The perfectly timed hard freeze at the time of flowering on sweetgums may have had more to do with fruit reduction than the treatments.

Has anyone had success with certain treatments to reduce fruiting?
we have used florel sprays on sweetgums, crabs, and ginkgos and it has worked very well. we have tried pincher in the past. and it will reduce the fruit about 25% but not eliminate it, plus the fact it wounds the trunk of the trees.


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Arborsmith, sounds like a great idea for a research project. Is this with a university? Have you done any research into what has been published already on the subject?


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