Friction hitch for foot locking


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I am no pro at footlocking (and believe me there are some here) but I prefer a kleimheist with 10mm cord. I find the 8mm bites a little to hard for my taste. Are you footlicking with a doubled line or single?


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I am new to footlocking so I have only tried with doubled line. I climb srt so single line footlocking appeals more though. Is it a lot more difficult?
Not really if your foot technique is good. I used to do that when I didn't have ascenders yet. The foot technique is the only thing I can claim I'm good at when it comes to footlocking though... I'm not fluid at anything else at all.
It is a little bit more tiring to hold the single line with your hands though. Might want to consider a double ascender.
The real question is why are you footlocking if you climb SRT? Just for fun?


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Correct. For fun. And I thought might be faster for short ascents but that doesn't seem to be the case if I need to switch over to descend. Mainly just curious about it.

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