Friction Hitch bind

I run a 24 strand 11.7 Yale Poison Hi-vy. 10mm Rope Logic Hitch cord with a 4 over 1 distal.

I am constantly having to loosen the distal because of binding. I weigh 165 and have tried a 3 over 1 distal but it's not reliable. I would like advice on how to have a smoother setup.


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Trying different hitches is fine, but I suspect it has litle to do with the choice of hitch. The next time you finish your ascent, take your weight off the line and pull up the Rope Wrench to engage it on the rope a bit. See if that fixes your problem. If so, you may need a tether that holds the Wrench a bit higher so that when you sit back on the hitch, the Wrench gets partially engaged. If that does not help, post a picture of your setup so we can see exactly how it looks.


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Go to 8mm and michoacan or vt hitch. I am 175 with gear and have never found a 10mm cord that I liked due to same problem. But, I like every 8mm hitch cord I've run and love a couple (beeline, op). I use 11mm, 11.7mm, and 12.5mm lines, borh DRT and SRT. Even 9mm sterling RIT works well in VT, but it is borderline bindy, just depends on day, humidity etc.


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Best to tie eye knots to dial in the length required for some friction hitches, trying to make a set length hitch work can be hard to match up. Here are a couple of other hitches similar to the Distel, the number of wraps may need to be varied. Also each hitch can be turned 180 degrees for more choices that might fit the hitch cord you now have.
Rope Logic is the company that spliced or sewed your hitch cord.


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Ditch the distel and try a 4 wrap michoacon. I myself run 8mm cordage on everything from 11mm to 13 mm climbing lines....24" E2E on Wrench or HC setup...Never disappoints.


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Like others have said, try thinner hitch cord: 8 mm or 9 mm.

Rope Logic is the company that splices the eyes. Do you know the brand of hitch cord?
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