Fraxinus spp?


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Can't pinpoint species. I have a guess, but not sure so will let ya'll guess before I throw it out.

This owner has been here for 30+ years and didn't plant it. He did say father of previous owner was some kind of forestry something in New York so may have brought oddities in.

All other ash in the woods have been decimated by EAB.

Bark is very light...not a great picture as it was almost dark when we were looking at it, but it is as white as it looks in the picture. Also very smooth.

11 leaflets per leaf.

20191028_180537 (Medium).jpg
20191028_180540 (Medium).jpg
20191028_180550 (Medium).jpg
20191028_181403 (Medium).jpg


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NW Ohio. Generally heavy clay. Other species in the woods:
Sugar maple, Black walnut, Ohio buckeye, Shagbark hickory, Red oak, Basswood a few Bur and Swamp white oak, Bitternut hickory, American elm, used to to fair amount of ash...presumably Green ash, very few Beech.


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I'll be back in a couple of is about 45 min from home.

The buds had me convinced it is ash. Even the pattern in the bark has the diamonds.

Certainly open to it being something different, but what?
(Juglans would not have opposite branching/bud arrangement, and the buds are different).