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Looking for some contacts in Southern France. I will only be available for two days but will have very little to do those days. My wife is on a working holiday and I am going with her. We will actually be in France for 2 weeks, but I will be sight seeing most of those days. BUT, I have two days free and would like to work with a company. I will not be bringing any climbing gear. So, just looking to be a groundsmen for two days. I can run equipment as well. Really just looking to work with a good company to share experience. I do not need to be paid. ( I do not speak french!! So, keep that in mind)

I will be in Perpignan for the two days I have free.


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Pretty sick @ROYCE, you have a mini vacation overseas and your mindset is tree's. You may need a little professional help. LOL just kidding .... Enjoy your stay over there and you and the wifey be safe.