Forest fire in 360


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When i did wildland fire fighting prescribed fires were the worst ones i was ever on. That includes snagging line for a Hot Shot crew.


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Haven't read that one, but I have read Norman Maclane's Young Men And Fire and John Maclane's Fire On The Mountain. Both excellent investigation into tragic fires. Must read for any wildland firefighter.


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Wow, I'm glad we dont have such big ones in Germany. Last year the military set a swamp on fire with rockets and we had one big 5500000m^2 fire, but thats basically it... I could not imagine living in a zone where any day a fire could burn down your house.


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I used to live in the pine barrens of NJ, near the Wharton Tract, and remember well one summer sometime around 1973 or thereabouts, there were a LOT of fires, really made a mess of the place.
(I think this was before the forestry people started making prescribed burns in the there are areas of the Wharton Tract where the oaks have gotten a leg up and are out-competing the pines, I suspect because all the little pines get burned off in winter by those crews with their gasoline cans...)

Those pitch pines start vaporizing in the heat and making their own draft and it's like plasma. I believe John McPhee wrote about it in his book "The Pine Barrens"...
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