For Sale - Notch Sentry Floating D Harness and Cardo Packtalk Helmet Kit

I have two Notch Sentry Floating D harnesses, both brand new in packaging. Both Size 1. Asking $100 each including US shipping.

I also have three Cardo Packtalk half helmet kits, brand new in box. We found that we didn't need these to install Cardo units on Pfanner helmets, but they could be useful for mounting to other helmets. Buy all three from $110 including US shipping.


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east TN
if anyone is wondering about these harnesses
I own one, it is pretty nice and comfortable (I can hang in it for quite a while without getting un comfortable) 3 gear loops, and 4 web loops for a carritool, transporter etc

I would say its a good harness for the price, and I would buy again

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