For sale Brush bandit 250xp


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I'm keeping the 90xp for smaller trim jobs and selling the 250 since i need a 18-20" chipper. It has about 1825 hrs. Has a 116hp Cummins. Has skid plate under axle. The fuel cap, hydraulic oil cap and instrument panel are lockable. The whole clutch assembly was replaced about a year ago. At the same time i had the radiator recored. End of this summer i replaced both tires ($260 apiece). I used it last after thanksgiving and the stator motor started leaking on the top feed wheel so i had them rebuild it along with a new shaft but didn't get a chance to put it in due to all the snow we've had. Its going in Friday. During the last 2 weeks I changed the hydraulic filter and oil. Also bought a new set of blades and murphy switch but not installed. Looking to get 10k 20160728_155828.jpg 20160728_155857.jpg


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His Avatar points to just outside Denver Colorado. If his avatar is correct. Click the location and sometimes they actually open a map.

Caleb Franklin

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I'm interested in the chipper, I'm in south bend Indiana. Your 3.2hrs away. Call or text me when you get a chance. Thank you.

Caleb Franklin

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