Fixing a shorty tether to a zigzag?

Fooling around and seeing clips and what not i thought it would be fun to figure a way to fix my short tether or tether in general to my zigzag? I love my wrench set up but that would be awesome. I lack creativity can’t get it to sit still can anyone throw some suggestions or forward a thread I can’t find please?


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I like having my ZZ higher so I can use a double-handed ascender below it with enough room to get a full stroke. Here's how I connect the ZZ to the carabiner on my saddle.
It's a Rope Logic 8mm by 30" Ocean i2i with a thimble. When descending, I'll hold the rope in one hand with my thumb in the biner while I reach the ZZ release with my other hand. That gives me complete control for a smooth descent.


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I'm a 76-yo recreational climber doing what works for me, so no offense taken. It's a very simple setup with a cord from the hand ascender to a shoe loop that gives several options for ascending and easy changeover to descending.

I'll stay tuned to learn something.

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