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I'm hoping to compete for my first time at this year's New England ISA's. Anyone have any useful tips or advice? I'd appreciate it a great deal. Thanks


I too competed this year for the first time and what I had learned is just watch and have fun. Don't try anything you don't do everyday, stick with what you know and what works. Never use a new rope.



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I'll second that. Also, if you can, try to get a copy of the judges score sheets. Especially in the work climb,aerial rescue and masters challenge (just in case
) The rules are pretty straight forward as I'm sure you know. If you don't, get a copy of them as well. It's one thing to know the rules, its another to know specificly what the judges are looking for and scoring you on. I don't know where you might get a copy or if they're even available. I competed three years before I saw them. Good luck and have fun!
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