Finally trying SRT!!!


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Ok all,

I'm finally going to try and incorporate SRT into my work. Obviously I will rec. climb on it a bunch "slow and low" before bringing to the job site. That being said, I will list the gear I've got and hopefully you all can give some helpful hints from your own extensive experience to make the learning curve safer, quicker etc. Anything you can tell me that will save me figuring it out on my own will be a great time saver. (I am NOT from a rock climbing background hence the apprehension with the transition).

I'm currently climbing Ddrt on Poison Hi-Vi or Blaze with a Tree Austria saddle, I use a Hitchclimber pulley with an 8mm VT. I use a Petzl Pantin often and even sometimes an Ascension handled ascender for longer climbs so I already have this gear.

I bought a rope wrench ( the new version), and the new tether,some KMIII although from what i've read you all like arborist lines better. It seems like good gear choices but any helpful hints would be great!


From my experience climbing srt so far, thats all you need. run it. If you wanna get crazy use Fairfields setup, he just put up a video showing some serious jangle. I keep it simple as possible.

I started using it in big apple trees last Feb. (low and slow) I am hooked...I have been using the doubled rope methods less and less. maybe 1 in 5 jobs if even.

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning

Another convert to the future of tree climbing!

When will SRT reach critical mass?!