Finally done


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Stunning looking rig Devon.

Range/reach and cutting diameter capabilities?
104’ vertical reach, 88’ horizontal, I have 2 grapple saws, a mecanil 160 with a 16” bar and a 220 which i just got,Comes with an 18” bar but going to run a 20” bar on it. I’m still running my 30 ton. This crane i can go out and destroy trees with less people needed


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N. Lawrence
She’s a beaut Clark!! Once this BS passes and I can figure out how to forge documents to get my passport, I’m gonna come see it up close.


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PK40002 with aluminum dump dox and under body boxes. Mecanil 160&220 saws that’s what those boxes have in them, all custom, lids to keep snow, rain and whatever else out! @oceans
Very nice, Devon!!! Way to go and worth the wait, I’m sure. Please keep us posted with updates as you get to play more and more. I know that Rick’s 40 has done some awesome work. Pretty sure you’ll be pleased.
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