Experiences from your first year


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Olympia, WA
My GF/ Partner doesn't have a frame of reference on tree work.

Since her normal work dried up with Covid, she has been working with me. I tend to work solo a lot, so she doesn't even have another co-worker for comparison.

She kinda is getting it more and more that she had jumped in the deep end, and swimming well.

Working with me distorts her perception, as I've been doing this a bit longer.

What was your first few months/ year like?
What tools and techniques did you learn, and how fast?


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No mentors for me so learning was slow. One thing that sharpened two skills for me was practicing throwline at home. The obvious is the skill of setting ropes the other is practice landing the weight in a certain spot. It teaches how to learn how to land rigging where you want it to be.

Is she working at climbing or just ground work? My wife who helped the first couple of years but has taken a break from working is now finding it frustrating that I expect certain things done without asking. I work different now than I did then, so some of it has to be relearned. Obviously I should just ask for certain task to be done, but what's the fun in that? :LOL:


Been here a while
From the way you’ve talked about her before, she’s got brains. Where to be and what to do on the job will come naturally to her as she gains experience and exposure.
I’m sure you’re watching her back and giving guidance and preventing bad habits from forming where it’s needed.
Just need some patience with people that are really green. So long as they want to be there and aren’t lazy and have some smarts, they’ll usually turn out fine. Sometimes they turn out great.

I’m a little envious, it’d probably be a blast working with you :)


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My Island, WA
When I started out green I did my best to educate myself while having a great teacher.
When I train green groundie I start them off with a copy of the isa study guide, and Blair’s book ‘Arborist equipment’. The reason for this is to educate mostly on terminology, I mean really what the hell is a portawrap? What in the hell is a whoopie? What makes a whoopie and a loopie different? Gotta know the tools, verbiage the safety etc...


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My wife works with me when she's not on contract in healthcare. She ditched her last contract when COVID hit. She grew up on a farm in Canada riding horses so learning the common knots and the hard labor was easy. She's always been tough minded so she fits right in doing tree work. I have my rigging kits setup the same, so I purposely used the small kit a lot at first and she picked it up no problem and moved over to the larger kit without a lot of trouble. She still struggles with loopies for some reason. But, she can run a portawrap as good as anybody. We can do 10 hour days together with little fuss. I swear she's a natural for this stuff. Rarely do we have any disagreements, but when we do it's usually on those long hard days when instructions aren't coming across clearly, but that's usually my fault too. Of course, we have been married for 25 years so dealing with unclear communication isn't that much of an issue anymore. She's reluctant to run a saw except when absolutely necessary, but it hasn't been a real problem honestly. To this day, I would rather have her on the job than anyone else. Her attitude is always positive and she never bitches about being underpaid, and she only looks at her phone to check the weather. :fuckyou:

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