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Came up with a swivel solution for the mini-wrench hook system. Turns out there are certain situations where the swivel is critical, most of the time not. I want swivel functionality in a traverse where I want the tail of the Hook line oriented down so I can get clean/smooth tending with my foot ascender on the line. I put a DMM Nexus small shackle swivel on a Perfect O biner and add it in to the system when I want it.

The extra length is minimal and not a problem for traversing, for use as a static hold or positioning when I want the system length tighter then the swivel/Perfect O comes off. There's no "rotate to gate" issues because the inner gasket on the Nexus swivel grabs the biner. The gate on the wrench biner can't pass thru or get hung up on on the small Nexus shackle side.

The last possible customization is to substitute another Perfect O biner for the DMM Ultra O on the wrench system to shorten the length by some small amount of millimeters. Do I get a prize for this 99.9% DMM hardware system? ;-)

Update: I've put a lot of hours on this system now, it has become a go-to for tree work, animal in a tree rescue and rec climbing. The versatility makes it worth hanging on my harness. The hook itself is the heaviest/bulkiest component, the wrench and line are compact and pack light.



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AJ (I posted this in another thread somewhere but can't seem to crosslink) - I've eventually ended up on the same Zillon/ Captain system as in this video:
For me it's nifty(er?) for sap fests - although I try and keep in mind the recent thread on zillon recall because of creep, ability to inspect (or not) in the case of lanyards or Captain setups you can't remove completely from the zillon. I used to have a Treestuff shorty tether/ wrench setup but prussiks kept falling afoul of . . . sap. To the point where I once couldn't move on a traverse/ tour of the hood and ended up cutting the prussik off and coming back on a munter and biner. So there I was. So I decided it might be more funner with mechanicals for the trees I antagonize anyway - fingers crossed for this season so far. My two centz for this AM.

Addenda: I also have found that a dab of good old Freesole inside the eye of the DMM swivel before you put in the DMM Prest-in configuration aid (read rubber grommet dookey) helps keep it the in the swivel eye (before I did this I was leaving rubber grommet dookey's all over the countryside for some reason. Mine at least didn't stay put very well).

Addenda 2: On a really quite sketchy limb walk on an elm yesterday, to trim epicormic growth (of course right at the very ends!), the Captain/ Tachyon/ Zillon/ Croll/ Tri-Act combo again worked astoundingly well way, way out from the main stem on a storm damaged tree. The degree of control was amazing both going out and esp. coming back in. Thanks daigentanoen. Maybe time to even add a third DMM swivel setup on the bridge? Or something. Have to get a non-locking Petzl biner-pulley thought just to make it quicker . . . a new sweet spot!
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