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From Oslo, Saturday June 22, 2002. The european championship drew 24 climbers. Patrick Zurcher of Switzerland defended his title, edging out fellow Swiss Mark Bridge. Ronny Epple was third and the crowd favorite Fancesc Villarrubias Garcia (say that 10 times real fast)of Spain was fourth to round out the Masters Challenge. The field was made up of Germans, swiss, dutch, danes, frenchies, spaniers, Czechs, Norwegians and Brits. Overall level of competition was high and the the different languages flying around made for alot of fun.

Nearly everyone was throwing out of the cube. Thanks to Friedrich Drayer for buying lunch for everyone on competition day.

Life is Good

Hei Greg and thanks a lot for your note about the European comp. I personally was very much impressed by the "man with the short rope" - a good example of how to look for quick solutions that work.

I feel like adding a few lines: there was no womens comp cause there were only two German women registered. To mention the German comp: there was no womens comp cause there was only one woman registered - happily, I qualified cause I wasn´t disqualified ... and I´m looking forward to Seattle and have the rare opportunity of seeing women up in the tree.

Hey all you women all over the world climbing trees: just dare to join comps - it´s great fun, a great experience & opportunity to learn & exchange.

Have fun climbing trees and maybe see ya in Seattle ... Anja

hey Greg...and thanks for helping me deadwooding the masterchallenge tree
climb safe cheers beddes

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