ETCC Nantes 2006


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I think i know who has that big Jensen Chipper that you saw out by Schipol, if it was real big green and took a 60cm stick and was 120cm wide and on a conveyer belt yip i do know for sure, has something to do with the company that merged with Pius Floris Amsterdam a couple of years back. There my old work buddies.

Hopefully be there to watch in Nantes (Freelance Baumpflege)


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Hé Svein, what's that.

Sneaking thru Holland without drinking a beer together? /forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif


Hey, so it was you.
Didn´t actually enter Holland, just passing by on my way from holyday. By the way I saw a bunch of folks hanging in trees in an article in "Volkskrant", that you too?
Beer would be good one day.


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Sorry Svein, but Schiphol is a big NO NO for me. It's a 60 kilometer drive from Utrecht but it will cost you two hours in the morning and two in the evening.