Easy Beach Tree


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Anybody who has been to a tropical beach resort should know this tree. Even by outline it is easy.

Taken at Casa Kiwi, Trujillo, Honduras


Venice, FL
I thought you meant "Beech"

Sea Grape - Coccoloba uvifera, me thinks.
Is that tall, lanky, parasol like tree the same or something else? I can't tell from the picture.


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They are all sea grapes. The layered look seems to be uncommon, either due to weather or the dreaded tropical fix-all the machette.


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I am not sure if Terminalia catappa is found in the neotropics.

This layered look occurs in a number of young trees, maybe most notably in Ceiba, but the habitat is wrong. Sorry I can't pop down to check the trees again, at least 2300 miles.

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