Dog in a tree rescue


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Oh wow, thats a new one for me... That must be a pretty horrifying death, imagine climbing up a rotten tree and getting stuck :oops:


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Would be horrifying death... used to freak me out when my mastiff used to climb our avocado tree chasing avocados, much less a dog stuck inside. Not so long ago Australia had a dog stuck in a wombat warren, I believe they had to dig 14m of tunnel to get him out...


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Poor pup!
Fascinating how he was preserved though.
Maybe I'll add a stipulation to my last will and get stuffed in a tree when my time is up!


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A guy I used to work for rescued a dog out of a tree before. Tree was growing almost horizontally off of a rock face and the dog just walked on out there but couldn't turn around to come back. He tied into an adjacent tree, walked on out and grabbed the dog (60lb hound) and proceed to take a hell-of-a swing back to the top of the rock.
At least you don't get cat scratch fever when fluffy burrys his nasty claws into your thigh.
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