Does anyone use the Silky Hook? Did I get it right?

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
Who has a Silky Hook on their saw? Does it hang right? Have you ever bumped it and had it swing and fall off?

When Eugene K was the rep for Silky he showed me the prototype hook that Silky had made for the saw. I told him that it should be changed before it went into production. At Expo I got to talk with the reps from Silky about the Hook

They gave me a copy of the prototype to work with. When I got home from Expo I got to work. I photocopied the Hook and transferred the cutout to card stock. They had a 'round' profile to the Hook. I knew that it wouldn't hang well and could get bumped off. What I did was form to arc/radii to make the profile. Somewhere in my stuff I've got the drawings with the center points laid out. By using a chord from each new radius the Hook is less likely to spin and fall. I made a few prototypes and then transferred the profile to masonite. I had my crew mess around with the options to see which they felt worked best.

The nubbin on the top of the Hook was pointing straight up at Noon. My suggestion was to make it a little longer and angle it to point at about 10:30

After my design work I worked up a clean copy of the Hook with a print of my suggestions. What a treat to see how it turned out. I know that I'm the only one who every notices the Hook LOL.



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I can’t go without it. It’s on my longboy, and I do have some complaints. It fits on the longboy, but obviously wasn’t made for it even though it lists it as fitting.
What I don’t like about it is that it’s useless for mostly everything other than hanging the saw.
The big hole can’t be used to hang it on your saddle because there is hardly enough room between the hole and the outer edge. My longboy is too light duty to yank hangers (and most all silky polesaws). The upper hook for pushing to the lower hook tip is too wide to hang a carabiner and flip it off to advance a line. Same goes for a monkey fist.
But the upper hook is handy for pushing up American electrical lines (joke, this is a stupid idea).
I’d like to add that it seems like the hook on the longboy was an afterthought, and that it seems to have been designed for a different saw.
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I think your design changes bring the hook's characteristics closer to a standard saw head, which I generally think works well when hanging, pulling, and pushing.

Nice work!

Who has a Silky Hook on their saw? Does it hang right? Have you ever bumped it and had it swing and fall off?
I use one of these Silky hooks on my electric polesaw. I like the fact that I can clip an ordinary biner into the hole in the hook and hang it up securly when wrestling with limbs - on these days I carry a pocket sling with four or five ordinary biners so I can hang it up somewhere handy and central and secure tools to it rather than hang them off my belt. Pocket sling and biners are nice when doing cabling too. I kinda don't consider the hook design by itself secure enough for the electric saw (paranoid if I whacked it) but I'd be OK with it for a simple pole pruner/ saw (as long as no one was under me).

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