does anyone charge to be on stand by for court

i cant give out any info yet, but must wait by the phone for a day or two to go to a trial on a property line case. i have been paid for a report a deposition and will be paid for my time during testimony. i just feel i am losing $ on what is supposed to be dry days between storms. i feel like charging half of my take home pay for each day i wait at home. is that fair. i make 400 a day to climb or assess trees and think 200 a day to wait to go to court aint too bad.. what do you say . a little input would be nice..thanks and HAPPY EASTER
How much lead time are you going to be given? Would you have time to leave the worksite, go home, clean-up and change? If you're on call and you can't work then I would charge. You are providing a service, in this case waiting for a call. When I've done expert witness I charged a flat fee per hour, door to door. Never had to wait "on call".
I figure that an attorney can charge 150-500 an hour, because he is an expert in his field and a doctor or plumber does the same thing, you are taking time out of your work and you are giving expert testimony that you have to study up on weather it is just looking at the wood or actually writing up a sinopsis of what you believe happened. I would just charge a good hourly rate.
You most surely should charge. You are a proffesional, and as such your time has value.

I believe you should have gotten it in writing beforehand, but make sure you are compensated for your time.



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