Do you really hold the chainsaw with both hands ?


I'm always careful, but today got me thinking if someone would rope down all the pine branches, and use both hands to do the cutting.
Today I was cutting one next to a house just holding and throwing branches away from the house with one hand and cutting with the other.
Also I always find myself is a situation where two hands on chainsaw is not viable.
I'm the only one?


Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
Oh, yes I do use two hands. When I was climbing full time I allowed myself two one handlers a year. Some years I never did one. The permissions expired each year, no carryovers
When I cut with a power saw or handsaw I always have two tie ins...No exceptions


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I’m far from perfect but I try to keep two hands on saw,I think it’s the right thing to do. One of my biggest regrets in life is one handing saw and throwing branches with other day in and day out for 15 years I now have two bad rotator cuffs!
Eventually it will take a toll on your shoulders, even young ball players now are taught to throw underhanded when possible to lessen wear and tear.


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May be better to post topic on 4chan so people can speak their minds as admins won’t allow curse words to dominate the thread...


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I will admit to having used one hand on a saw in a tree, but not in a long time. Now, I figure out another way to do it. There’s always a better and safer way, a way which will allow you to maintain the control of the saw which one-handing does not allow.

Consider my whacks on the dead horse to be in, and now I am running away from it before it gets too smelly!


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I think that if you're missing your target, and splashing the wall and floor, you should keep both hands on your tool.


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I thought you Canuckifornian loggers just propped it up with a chainsaw so you can fix another cup of coffee while you wait.

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