Do you guys have a lot of breakdowns with your knuckle boom?

Gareth's Tree

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My knuckle boom (2006 Effer) seems to have some kind of breakdown every six weeks or so. Usually related to a line blowing. I know mine is a little bit older, but I was wondering if knuckle booms in the tree industry are generally high maintenance for you guys?

The repairs are usually not very expensive as, like I said, it is generally just a line that blows. But it's very inconvenient and there is downtime on the job.

Steve Connally

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18 months and the only issue i've had with the boom is a slide puck falling out (my fault) main pressure line weeping and needed replacement. Other than systematically tightening every bolt on the boom and applying torque paint so I can see what's vibrated loose that's it. Oh couple auto grease lines pulled out and the PCB for the fly jib system isn't acting correctly but that's not the actual crane type thing.


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Which one? I've only had to replace one main one which ran through the Boom. Most important thing is when you replace to make sure you go to 6000 PSI. What are you replacing it with 5000? I guess palfinger upgraded all of their lines recently to a higher PSI rating as well. I recall @Ben Heller saying he had replaced every single hose on his pk33 before the two-year mark.
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