Do job-sites ever/often require that saws have their OEM stickers? (emissions/etc?)


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I know it's a silly Q but I'm overhauling a few saws right now and in doing so I'm removing stickers left&right, most are just half-gone already but I've begun worrying they could be 'required' in some way / in some instances so wanted to ask you guys(&gals) before I went any further!!

Thanks!! :)

[Context- Am very new to tree-specific work (did tree-work as part of all-services freelancing the past 5yrs, am now trying to specialize and want to work with others who have better&bigger equipment than I) and to be honest half the reason I had the urge to do the tune-ups now was because, over the coming weeks, I've gotta decide which "company" (quotes because two of my options are 1-2man outfits) to given a honest try with because I've been unable to get enough of my clients (from 'general-services') to want tree work even at prices where I'd make next-to-nothing, in *no* way am I regretful of having spent so much to get "fully ANSI-ok'd" for climbing&rigging only to find I've had the gear >1mo w/o being able to use it but I'm just getting antsy and am abandoning my initial plan of "focusing my solo work on cut-climb only" and just going to go work with someone who's got a chipper and can let me climb a lot, have actually already worked with one of the groups in the past but the owner *wants* to be a climber but just hasn't got the gear am unsure if it'll become a 'shared gear' thing which I wouldn't be comfortable with, still very anal about people going anywhere near my rope LOL!!]


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Thanks a lot guys!! I hate stickers once they've begun peeling (ocd thing I guess) so very reassuring, had been saving peeled stickers on a piece of paper I kept aside 'just in case' lol!!

@Tom Dunlap, I don't expect a "loan me your rope buddy" situation as much as "let me try climbing" but the thing is I'm an agile, 140lbs guy ('gymnast type'), the guys at two of these three outfits that I'm wanting to approach are like 50%+ larger than me and not....graceful, lol! I'd be uncomfortable letting them ascend my rope w/o a friction saver on it for instance, I'd be uncomfortable letting them make the basal anchoring, I'd only be OK (cringing) letting them use it with me guiding them and I know it'd immediately be a weird/untrustworthy situation that wouldn't lead anywhere good!

Have rehearsed how to approach it, think it'll negate this problem, going to approach it more as "I'm not *necessarily* looking for full-time, would even be happy climbing once a week, but am only looking to climb" so I can get things setup from the get-go with it expected that my gear / myself are a known quantity that does 1 thing (less a team-player, more a subcontractor, even if I've gotta be exclusive with them) I've got enough non-climbing work to keep me afloat even if I'm just doing 1 or 2 climbs a week :)

Thanks again, both for the help you gave me & for helping in-general, am stoked to have found this board it's been a while since I've been so excited to find a forum ;D

Tom Dunlap

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Welcome! Nice to have you in here

Gymnast types are welcome too. Trade the smell of chalk for the smell of sawdust

If you just want to take these guys climbing they shouldn’t be tying their systems. That’s much more advanced. Set your climbing line within reach of theirs so you can aid them


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I've loaned ropes and gear out to people (a few I've worked with locally and guys on here that I know won't kill themselves with it) but loaning ropes/gear out to random idiots on a job site, or attempting to give them instruction on how to do it? Never going to happen.

If it all goes bad, you might find that the next of kin will blame you, no matter what you say, and folks will soon be asking you, "Aren't you the guy that got old Weird Harold killed?"

Now, an asshole like me would just say, "Yeah, I thought shooting the bastard would be too obvious." Most people would probably not want that kind of attention, however, and I doubt if it would be good for business.

As for the stickers, I have never heard of anyone even asking or looking... but you could always point out that it's a freakin' chainsaw... gasoline and oil slopping all over the thing and constant cleaning... yeah, they fell off.


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Stickers no, but here during fire season some paperwork systems require to sign that saws have spark arrestors fitted... and if a fire starts and you didn’t have em....