DMM throw hook.


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Looks interesting. Available primo 2016...
(Sorry for uploading same doc twice....)


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Hey @Huskyman , the dmm hook looks really well thought out , i like the stowing idea, its really neat. Ive had the epple hook for quite a while now and it stays on my harness full time . where in stockholm are you working ? i will be up those ways in a couple of months possibly.


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East Texas
I really like that swivel with the shackles.....and you can replace the shackle pieces when your bridge wears a groove in them?!? sign me up!

The hook.....well....idk. doesn't seem much different than the epple to me, but I'm no expert.


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totally fair call looks like some-one was listening to you after all Bucknut.
any royalty cheques winging their way ?
No royalties yet. Maybe a DMM rep will read this thread and have pity on a poor, lonely tree guy who just happened to be the visionary dynamo (like Jobs or Edison) who gave rise to the most revolutionary advancement in at-height chainsaw storage since the invention of rope itself.

But almost certainly not. :risas:

PS: Yo DMM, I'd be happy to field test the Vault and in exchange do a comprehensive yet concise review for you and the Buzz....
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