Days in Maine


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Haven’t been there in 3 years or so, but we vacation at York Beach. COLD water but it’s welcome on hot days. I love the smell and the sounds of the ocean. Like medicine for the soul.

We sometimes visit my Aunt there for Thanksgiving, it’s spooky how different it is when the tourists aren’t around, like a ghost town. I think even most of the police are seasonal workers.


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I agree with you that Maine is a marvelous place. I live in Louisiana, but I have been to Maine several times. I have explored the coast including Portland, Freeport (and LL Bean), Camden, Mount Desert Island and the northern coast as well. One of my most unforgettable memories was watching the Puffins up close from a blind on Machias Seal Island. I remember staying in a house being rented by a stereotypical New England salty guy who showed us the house and was about to leave when I asked for a key. There is no key. Don't need one. I also spent some time in Baxter State Park and even hiked the Knife Edge trail. It was spectacular, but I have never been so dehydrated in my life, and that is saying a lot. However, afterward, I enjoyed the best pizza I have ever had in my life at a small place in Millinocket. I loved the lowland scenery and up-close encounters with moose. I was amazed at all the potato fields as far as the eye could see for miles upon miles in the northeastern part. Some of the best sunsets I have ever seen on the coast, and I love how the weather changes so fast. It's a beautiful state, and I'm sure I will go there again.

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Maine Island
I’ve got some great memories of canoeing in the northern bit of lake pontchartrain. Huge freaking pigs on those islands! Anaphylaxis at 3am during Mardi Gras, not so fun.


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I love Maine.
I have a good friend w/ house & 600 ft of frontage on the Damariscotta River (very pristine).
Lots of seals, fish, muscles, oysters, etc.
Just avoid the black fly season !

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