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I have been thinking about putting dash cams in our work trucks. Do any of you guys run dash cams? Seems like it would be a good idea if one of our employees ever gets in a wreck. What do you guys use and how well does it work?


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east TN
I have never owned/used a dash cam, so take this with a grain of salt

Garmin as a good brand, probably not the cheapest, but the quality is good
and yes, they are well worth it, since its company vehicles, its not good when you get pinned for an accident you didnt cause


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I think dashcams are very important for business vehicles. Here is a recent thread including my setup:



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At times I've thought that a body cam may be a good idea.
When I have done various types of consulting and safety work in California I have thought this as well. So many incidents of people claiming that things were said that were untrue in order to justify their actions in a later moment. Having video of those conversations would have been priceless.

In the last week I have had multiple incidents dealing with incredibly stupid and or blind drivers pulling out in front of me or in front of other people. More and more I have been thinking of getting a dash cam just in case one of those near misses ends up being an accident.
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Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning

Dan Cobb

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Not a good solution for a business vehicle, but there are a number of free dash cam apps for your phone. All you need is a phone mount that can position your phone appropriately. I use DailyRoads Voyager on my android.

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