Cutting my climbing rope while I'm hanging from it ..

Love watching your stuff - really! Gotta say though as an alpine/ waterfall ice/ tree guy cutting the rope gave me the hee bee jeebees. Would have liked to see backups for our good old backflip guy. Anyway.
Keep climbin’ safe like - and keep after the groundguys re. hard hats etc. And do say Hi to Olaf for me from Calgary Alberta (Cowtown)!
Cheers mate!

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
So many things wrong with this

Buckle your chin strap

Don’t do the test solo...where is your rescue?


Use a seat belt cutter not a bare knife blade

They way you were moving around with the open blade in your hand got me wondering if you were going to stick yourself

Why not do the same test with 200# of iron...not flesh?

you really didn’t prove anything about rope strength that isn’t known already. What I saw proven was that you are lucky


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Well to summarize the video.

My helmet did not fall off.

I did not need to be aerial rescued

The knife worked fine.

I did not stick myself.

Using myself instead of 200+ iron worked just fine and wa wayyy more fun

I will say consider everything that happened in this video "lucky" would be highly asinine. I will argue that least some if not at the very least a minute part of this video falls under the description of skill?

I definitely feel like that whenever I swung and stabbed the knife into the little stub end and pulled myself up that demonstrated a bit of skill.

Just cause you wouldn't do or condone what I did in this video doesn't make my actions " lucky "

Have a great night thanks for your feedback admin.

Thanks for reaching out with the positivity buddy.


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Would have been way cooler if dressed as a pirate and had the knife in your teeth as you swung free... maybe next time? Not the first time I have seen this exercise done and pendulum swings are fine for safety as long as there isn’t a big trunk in the way to pull a Wile-Coyote..


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Got some flak - check
Pounced on - check
Seen how strong the rope was - check
Something less than positive said - check
Dealt with it - check

@Travor I'd probably lose a tooth too if Tom Brady semi-retired in my town. I feel your pain.

Funny thing is I was raised a pats fan !

I don't follow sports , I couldnt even tell you who the won the super games bowl last year .


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Elk Grove, CA
We used to do this demo for kids when I taught rock climbing at a summer camp, but about 2" off the ground and over pads.

It's a great demonstration for teaching about how ropes are constructed and how we can trust the same fabric used to make pantyhose with high loads and our lives.

But jeez, that video was bananas. Reminded me of this


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