Custom Knuckle Boom Designed Specifically for Tree Work

Danny Gardiner

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Looking to sell a very capable 48 ton(derated to 44) knuckle boom with low hours. 1600 hours on the boom and 25000 miles on the truck. It's a true 400 HP Mack engine with a 9 speed Mack transmission, preemissions so no headaches involved with DEF or regens.

The boom is continuous rotation mounted 2' from rear bumper with battery remote control and an open air cab. Truck was custom built to suit an operator who left to pursue a career in crane work. It was put into service in 2011 and saw very light use as it was used as a supplementary truck to our 40142 Elliott Crane.

Unbelievably strong and stable, with the jib it can reach a height of 93' and still pick over a ton. Can reach 50' out horizontally with the clam and still pick up a 2 ton log.Box has a removable aluminum side to make loading and unloading easier. Also available is a 12 ton trailer with log racks to expand your capacity even more.

Top of the line Kinshofer "Timber grab" KM 634 continuous rotation 58" clam with stowable storage ahead of the box.

Truck was made in the US so no issue bringing it across the border.
$170,000 USD
$175,000 USD with trailer View attachment 43350 View attachment 43351 View attachment 43352 View attachment 43353 View attachment 43354 View attachment 43355

Some action shots:

Could easily be upgraded with a Gierkink(Altec), Intermercato or Hultdins grapple saw to make it a truly one man operation.

Danny Gardiner

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Thanks, we had one of our main foremen, my brother leave to pursue a career as a crane operator. My father is retiring at the end of this year so we have a lot of equipment and not enough operators and we're looking to downsize. It's a shame too because this truck was built from the ground up with efficient tree removal in mind.


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Ok thanks Danny it does look like a nice unit ! I'm in the market more for a stick crane at the moment

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