CT Quick Step broken spring fix??!

Hello all, just splurged on a ct quick step and spur mount for my geckos so I can stop having to strap my camp ascender under my spikes! First day one ascent and some tree work and the spring that holds the ascender against the rope is half popped out which pretty much F ‘s the whole deal! Looks like there should be a hole we’re the end of the spring should go back in but I can’t find anything. I’ve got a massive spruce to do tomorrow that I was stoked to use the spur ascender for so hoping someone else has had this problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.


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I don’t believe that spring goes in a hole, if my memory is correct that spring should simply sit against the frame of the ascender, between the frame and the ascender arm.
It looks to have a bend in it as if it was seated downward. Which would put tension towards the rope. Maybe it was sautered ? It’s a bastard either way


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Another angle better resolution


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After continuing to mess with it it does appear it simply is supposed to rest between the from of the ascender and the sprocket. But it continues to skip out. Bummer


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A short piece of tubing (maybe from a ballpoint pen refill) slipped over the spring might be a temporary fix. Some string around the tubing and frame might be needed to hold it in place. You could easily remove the fix without damage before sending it back.
@Winchman. Thanks for the idea would be nice to use the dam thing! Been on the phone and emailing tree stuff all week trying to get it returned and getting the run around. Pretty Freekin disappointed in em at the moment!


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Yea I once got 2 dmm swivels in my order when I only wanted one and they would not take the extra back. I would have rather put the money for the extra one into something else but they wouldn't give me store credit either...
So I think you'd have to contact CT direct.
After numerous emails and calls. The lady I’ve been in contact with at tree stuff said there sending me a replacement out. Haven’t received it or a tracking number yet but fingers crossed.

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