Crime wave???

Video surveilance being installed in our yard,

We were told by our manager this morning that the smaller company down the street was robbed (A chip truck, stump grider, and something else). I guess multiple companies have been hit recently. Supposedly investigators think the thieves are from out of state, and they go after bigger newer equipment. However, one of our offices in N.C. was hit by its own employees. Either way, I think this stuff is big, and hurts us all, and makes us all look bad.
I believe the more we talk about it, the more we can scare these kinds of people. That's supposedly a huge part of the cameras. Post'em right in front where they can be seen. I think this is big news. Is this mainly a Chicago problem? Is it even interesting? I feel strongly about it and they haven't even stolen from me personally.


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We have full digital video survalance. We have been robbed, people deposite debris in our yard, our fences get tagged once a mounth plus plenty of vandals wreckin trucks and equipment and people stealing fuel(we have are own pumps). Once we installed the cameras problems have been greatly reduced. I remeber last winter someone get into a couple of trucks and unloaded the fire exstiquisher into the cab! /forum/images/graemlins/swear_mad.gif


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My second year as a FT tree worker I had gone and boughten all the gear I would need for doing side work. Lived at my parents at the time, had all the gear in two bags in a box in the rear of my s10. Punks came broke open the box and stole the two bags, probably didn't even know what was in them. REALLY pissed me off. At nthe time that was half my personal equity!! They didn't get the saws.


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So they have punks even up in the great white north, eh?? Bummer. I've had my saws ripped off twice over the years. The last time, about 6 yrs ago, when I came to work in the morning and saw the toobox door hanging open, I was so bummed that afterI made the police reports etc and got it semi locked back up, I just went home to bed.


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The company I work for has a neighboring landscape company located on the property. Both our yards are in back separated by only those 3 ft tall concrete barricades you see on the expressways. We got to work one day and the trailer for the landscape company had been cleaned out. They back their trailer right up to the fence so no one can get the doors open unless the truck is pulled up....But whoever stole the stuff cut a monster whole in the fence from the outside right in line with the doors. Speculation is that it was an inside job but I haven't heard the official conclusion. Theft in this industry hits harder than most because most of our equipment is very expensive and small enough to carry. Saws, saddles everything. Good luck with those cameras...hope they work


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The cameras are sum what hidden and out of site. Last week somebody stole 3 car stero's from other employees. So back to the cameras. Punch in times and up it comes. They were caught the next day. Mess with the bull and you may get the horns.