Crane School 2017

We finally have some info for Crane Safety Climber School 2017!

This year the 2017 Crane Safety Climber School will be held April 6th to 8th at the Malvern Retreat House in Malvern, PA. Course information, accommodations, gear list, and registration forms can be found at:

Follow us on Facebook for updates and announcements at:

We are now in the process of gathering our sponsors for the course. If you are interested in being a sponsor or if you need more information about the course, please contact us at:

We are looking forward to another great year!


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Hey Pete,

Kimberly sent this out to me yesterday via Facebook.
I sooooo looking forward to going again.
Putting a cheque in the mail on Monday once I can convert to US funds.
Can you put in a good word to President Trump so we can cross the border? Promise not to bring the snow this year. ;)
We just got verification that the class will be offering 21 CEU's and 21 CTSP credits this year. Look forward to seeing everyone there!
The Crane Safety Climber School is just about full. If you intended on registering, but haven't, please contact us before sending your registration in to make sure we still have room available.
The Crane Safety Climber School is now full, and registration is closed. We can't wait for April. It's sure to be another great group of guys, and a great class!


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I'll be there. Bringing a friend from my Buddy's company down with me.
Devon is working on a huge job and can't make it this year. He's too busy pushing his wheelbarrow of money around.:LOL: I think he has Dave helping him as well.
Our 2017 Crane Safety Climber School starts Thursday! We are super excited for another great year. Let's hope the weather holds out for us. We wanted to make sure we gave a shout out to all of the people who support the Crane School every year by donating time, funds, equipment, or man power. This course has been a huge success over the past 7 years because of all the people who support us and see the need for safety education in the industry. Below is a list of all of our instructors and sponsors that make this course what it is. Thank you!


Peter Nieves-Sosa
Mike Teti
Fraser Lay
Jim Roach
Mike Livingston
Rick Yoos
Shawn Rowley
Angelo Emma
Paul Biester
Derrick Martin
Dan Lawton
Gareth Peoples
Chris Girard
Rob Thigpen
Ryan Benes
“Nice Guy” Dave Stice


The Crane Man, Inc.
Custom Climber Services
The Tree Man
John B. Ward and Co.
Shreiner Tree Care
Yoos Crane Service
TreeWorks Tree Care
Tree Awareness
Goods Tree Service
Ascension Group
Girard Tree Service
Schechtman Tree Service
Treemendous Tree Care
Bandit Industries
Modern Equipment
Stephenson Equipment
Riggs Tree Service
Omega River Farms
Joshua Tree
American Arborist
Giroud Tree and Lawn
Arborist Enterprises
Nelson Wire Rope Corp.
Yale Cordage
Alpine Tree Service
Westminster Hydraulics
Snowscapes Tree Removal
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