Crane accident 8/31/21 Washington State

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Who the fuck cares, I know nothing of you or your character. Luckily I cannot say the same about Rico. Big fucken whoop if he edited or deleted anything. He’s gone well above and beyond than any single member here for me and my family. It doesn’t matter how in the hell he broke his leg, it’s fucken broken.
What are you getting out of all of this shit sturing? Chill the hell out and get off your high horse. We all have our shit, some of us are quicker to admit it than others
Your last point is the point I thought we where already getting to, like you said none of the other stuff actually matters and should be so heavily critiqued by someone for no reason it was only to point to his own high horse actions and I pretty sure he gets it even if he doesn’t want to admit it, and I’m glad to hear he’s done so much for you.


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BTW, now that everyones ears are to the floor, who can repair my Jet Step strap....or do I just shove it in Bonner's ass crack. Love the damm thing. I have a spare. And just bought 2 red ones from some obscure supplier.
Where did the strap fail?
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