Couple wrenches and a few do dadds

Have a few things that should see some real use instead of my “one day I’ll need this shit” use. All purchased locally at shelter tree.

2 red rope wrenches practically brand new. Both used for one rec climb. 120 each tyd

Red hitch climber older style again practically brand new used for the one climb. $65 tyd

Rope logic fix tether single eye 35 tyd

Dmm gold ultra o 20$ with purchase of any other item or 25 shipped

28” armor Prus 8mm stitched eye n eye. Again 20$ packaged or 25$ alone

Another red wrench with double leg oceans tether purchased March of 2015 with very slight use to access tree and switch to my zigzag to work. 120 tyd

Rock exotica orbiter swivel, was on my bridge for a solid year so daily wear. 50$ if packaged or 55 shipped

Also have a used tree motion and used gen 2 sequoia size 1 can get pics if interest, posted prior few bites but no take


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