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Good day,

I am planning to make a secret weapon. I have seen a few recommendations of using Ocean Polyester 10mm, a rope I do like. Have seen a good bit of tenex and maybe ice tail as well.

I am considering using Sterling Flex 10mm. It has a somewhat loose cover that can be pretty grabby. For that long twist I just get a hunch it may work well with my ropes.

In searching here, and from Sterling, I haven't found any info about splicing the Flex. I am a bit cautious, as I had tried to splice Atlas, and it was not working well, I cut it off. later I saw that Wesspur doesn't offer splicing for that rope. and I see no splicing info on sterling's site. Has anyone done a splice of Flex 10mm?

I would be fine using the Ocean Polyester, and now I am curious.

What cords do people prefer for the Secret weapon?


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I don't use a secret weapon, but I love Ocean Poly. Such a great hitch cord, perfect balance of grippy and smooth. Easy splice too


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Whoa I haven’t use mine in a while, as this mentioning just made me remember.
Tenex is great choice in this application.
No need to use the fancy stuff as it’s a “grab” Prussic and not “slide” prussic


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thanks fellas. good point @evo . Now that I think of it, one can descend on the MRS so it's not really needing that heat-resistance or slide too much.

I just spliced Ocean 8mm the other day (first go at it). the crossover was mega tight and I walked away from the bench a few times, but the eye came out great. I am sure the 10mm is easier.

may pass by both of your suggestions and use a bit of Samson polyester prusik (the blue and white) that I have. shuffle a little tenex to replace and free it up.

congratulations to the splice deck for calming the drive for More Rope ! and relieving wesspur of another last minute addition to the offcuts I scooped up on Friday ! haha


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results, once I reconsidered the need for heat resistance, i remembered that Samson cord and a bit of this Sirius I had on hand. both 3/8". I chose this one as it rated a tad stronger and i felt it would look super cool.

First splice of this rope, it went real well! The cover is tight but opened up fairly easily. the core braid is made of 4 parallel strands, so it was easy to do the "pre-taper" before the crossover.

the rope itself is a bit stiff but may be just that its pretty new. hope it holds well. i went for 31" eye to eye.

Jazzed to get this up on the line this week.


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have you tried it out yet?
I did! There is a real big cherry, intermingled with an oak, here at my place. It had some big dead throughout, including some that was waaaayy out laterally, so it was a reach to get out on. There is also no good central lead. Center was dead (i removed that too)
I set one line with a canopy anchor, and another base tied, that I ran the secret weapon from.

My review is that:
it didn't advance very easy, as in, when it cinched down if I sat in it, it was tough to release. It was good I had the two lines, I was experimenting. I did ascend on that line though, moving the SW up, and it was alright, just not as good as a regular SRT advance (I was using a foot and knee ascender).
I think when the rope gets a bit more used, it will loosen up a bit and may act better. I cinched tight no problem. I tried 8 wraps and 7 wraps.
It was definitely sweet being able to do some limb walks ddrt while moving around srt.
I did get to employ the act of tossing the tail over another high crotch, then swinging over to it (on my other line) and re-installing the SW. It worked like a charm. Definitely easier than re-setting the rope wrench set-up.

Overall, it wasn't a climb that "needed" that tool, it was just a good chance to play around, and see how it worked. It's a tall set of trees so it was a lot of up and down, and distance between branches and canopy layers.

the kicker was... I was up there most of the day, two sessions, and finishing up after sundown. I pulled the Secret Weapon loose with a stopper knot on my way down, (it was dark) to finish descent on the other rope. Somehow... the thing has vanished in the brush below!! I have looked 3 or 4 times all over the ground. it's forest duff kinda. Even offered the neighborhood kids a $3 reward if they find it with their metal detector. I may need to up the reward to $5....

It was a super day. My son ran ropes for me, we were dropping some ~9' long, 6" pieces of cherry, nice high rigging point and a portawrap, swinging them away from a blooming Lilac!! He is getting more comfortable, 11- year old groundboy!

Anyway, I look forward to finding that thing so I can use it again!!
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