Continual tree trimming contracts. We have over 400 tree climbers and groundsmen working.

We are the prime contractor not a subcontractor. Last year we did $81 million in tree work. We have some of the most advanced remote control tree removal systems in the world. We provide per diem, training and development, benefits and a ton more. We need 500 more workers asap. You can check out our company ask any questions before you start. Chances are you may know someone who already works for us. They are our best referrals.

We provide 2 options to work on the project.
  1. Hiring climbers and all crew positions as direct hires, with benefits.
  2. Hiring entire companies with workers and equipment.
Please call William Lombardo 678-855-1723
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VP of Operations shown above.

Please call William Lombardo 678-855-1723
Yes I believe we could. I will check. Please text me your phone number, email and name to 678-855-1723. We are using a few of them now. I will get you entered into our system and get you some pay rates. Thanks William
I get quite bored over the winter here in MI.. Could you guys utilize a grapple saw truck? View attachment 63637
That’s an amazing truck. We would need the specific information showing it’s ratings for the unit to work with the attachment you are using. Clearly it works. The thing we must show is that it is certifiable to work around power lines. Please email me any information that we could use to evaluate the unit. Also I have some feed back from our head of operations but I would prefer to send that to you privately. My email is if you want to email me.
William, what is the name of your company?
Risk Management. We are simply supporting individuals and companies to get their own contracts for the work being done. Your contract will not be with us. Note: Regarding my original post, we are looking at some new information regarding SB247 and that will have an effect on the pay rates. It is expected to increase what you are being paid.
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