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Hi fellas,

I have been asked to provide consulting services for trees on a track of land. They are looking for information on any trees over six inches in diameter. There are approximately 3.5 or so acres to inspect. Consulting is not new to me and I can handle the job and provide the correct information. Just never had to catalog this many trees at once.

My question is if you have done something like this how have you gone about labeling everything in the field? I am familiar with the area but have yet to inspect the site. Many trees are in a wetland area and just walking around is going to be interesting.

Wooden stakes in the ground with a number on a tag? Then write the number on the map? Or just a general area with numbers say 1-50 and then 51-100 on the map?


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Do you need to label the trees or just mark that you have counted it so it doesn't get counted twice?

If just marked, are you allowed to use paint? Put a mark on the north side of every stump. If no paint, chalk. Either use timber marking chalk or one of these:

Forestry Suppliers customer service has turned to trash (at least 3-4 years ago... haven't gone / won't go back) but I haven't seen a marker like that anywhere else.

Or a paint ball gun. Those marks won't last long.
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All great suggestions above, if the owner is ok with it, aerosol tree marking paint works great. Apply a small dot low down (butt shot) on the stem on a predetermined cardinal direction.
Good quality tree marking paint will last about 10 years before it fades out.

There is also an Isa BMP for tree inventory, might be worth the $12 if you are new to the game.


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Hi guys, not new to the game in general just this specific amount. Thanks for the avice. Limited when compared to the amount of people on the buzz. But maybe not compared to experience of people on here. Thank you
Does the client need a map? If so I'd consider using some sort of GIS software, there are a few open-source ones such as QGIS or as a last resort Google My Maps.


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I was asked to produce a map of survey of a similar size lot, with the location, species, and size of every tree over 12", and used surveyors flaggon to mark each one as we located them in order to keep track. There were an astounding number of trees that size on this wooded lot. After about 2 years went by, they stripped virtually every tree off the lot and built a huge office complex. : (

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