Compost tea?


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Yesterday a client asked if I could also take some leaves left over from last fall. They had put them in trash bags and piled them next to the garage. Some of those bags filled with water. As I was dumping the nastiness into the trailer I got to wondering should I be catching that water in charging somebody else to inject it into the soil? Haha.


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I think you'll do best selling the stuff if you find clients growing that one specific type of "trees".

Got any bat shit you can throw in the bags too?
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Thats not compost necessarily sooo not compost tea. Thats called "plant tea". It used to be the go to thing for all sorts of plant related fixes and is heavily used by the biodynamic folk. The bummer is if its been soaking for a while that it likely fermented and has alcohols in it. Not a great thing to throw on living things. You could aerate it for a couple days and then apply to some soil around a non food tree. Probably just find someone you don't like and throw it on their porch. That stuff is stanky.