Complete ArborJet Kit: QuikJet Air (Used) and Tree I.V. Deluxe Pro (New)


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For sale is
-a used but rebuilt QuikJet Air kit with new o-rings (retail $2000)
-Tree I.V. Deluxe Pro Kit (retail $1500) missing instructional DVD
-approximately $475 in ImaJet, PhosphoJet, CleanJet and AceJet
-#3 and #4 plugs
-2 totes for storage

Asking $3125 + shipping

Please see pictures for exact items and call or text with questions.

Daniel (682) 333-6240

C9A3FD16-144C-48EB-AC85-69BFF9ECFDA2.JPG 409A24E8-9421-415A-89CA-09A9144185FD.JPG C9A3FD16-144C-48EB-AC85-69BFF9ECFDA2.JPG 409A24E8-9421-415A-89CA-09A9144185FD.JPG 80A3DAEC-8D11-40BC-9F35-7C9CC2EB00BD.JPG 35201967-DFA9-4A3B-90B1-9E629755753E.JPG F15595FE-5D31-42A5-BD8A-401817C94090.JPG 301E3A50-D744-46C1-8EB7-603FADC4E390.JPG 2E1BBC80-0D81-4F8A-8254-03A62BB93B52.JPG

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