Coming in 2021 Epic VA Treemek Build part deux

Steve Connally

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I'm just getting so many big trees. I've carved a niche in the nasty tree market and I could use a little more chart for a lot of what i'm getting now. Just trying to enhance the services people call me for. The current truck will go for sale. I have one last item I want to take care of before i'm ready to sell it. It likes to jump put of gear in 17 and 15 as I decelerate. I want to make sure the next owner gets what I would want to get if I was spending that kind of money. After the transmission this sumbitch is like brand new under the hood, frame, everywhere in-between. I've been bouncing numbers and running scenarios for quite a while now. The last piece of the puzzle was customer feedback on a rate increase along with a service increase. I'm not ready to share the deets but it's gonna be so functionally set up. Everything I learned on the current truck allows me to set the next one up exactly as I want it laid out. 100% custom from the paint color on the truck to the tool boxes and some other palfinger exclusive bells and whistles that will be a game changer for my customers.

The week was good! It allowed me to not have to finance the downpayment I needed to order the cab and chassis!

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