Clutch problem


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We have a WPT clutch on our 750 chipper. On Tuesday, everything was working fine. We got to the job on Wednesday morning and the clutch handle was impossible to engage. We tought a piece of wood might be jamming the drum, but no all is good. We tried ajusting it thinking maybe it tightened somehow while driving, but still no difference.

So we starting breaking it down. It seems the larger arms on the overenter mecanism are stuck. When we remove the smaller links that commect the arms to the clutch handle, the handle moves freely on the shaft. When we reconnect them, it's almost as if the whole clutch mecanism is ovecenter, but it isn't.

I had a mecanic take it apart and put it back together, but no luck, everything seems jammed. Anyone have any ideas?


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I had the same issue with a twin disk on a small 10" chipper. It wound up being the out put shaft (that the locking mechanism slides on) was dry. The grease didn't seam to be getting to it. A quick shot of wd40 diagnosed it easily and then a tear down, clean and lightly oil the parts. Worked like a charm.

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