Closing in on retirement?


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Now AARP has gone the way of the liberal main stream media.

What's next, are people going to start saying that BushCo are not true fiscal conservatives?

Lies, slander, rhetoric, heresay.

Do I think McCain and Palin will continue to hoist the flag of sound bites, partisan attacks, and multi-trillion dollar deficits?

You Betcha! They'd do a Heckuva job.



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The view of earth from space doesn't show borders, but watersheds. It can't show hunger, or wars, or philosophies (except desertification and deforestation by industrialization).

Amazing what we've done to ourselves.

If I were a landlord and earthlings were my tennants, I'd evict the whole lot of 'em.


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Move to Cuba if your so unhappy,...

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm not unhappy, I'm vindicated. It's your people that ruined America. Ya'll should leave.