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I recently switched to using a unicender. It works great. I use a CMI foot ascender and knee ascender and neck tether. Two questions - (1) should I use a back-up to the unicender on ascent? (2) what is the best foot ascender?


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No back-up is needed with the Uni. The best foot ascender is going to be an opinion. My favorite is the CT.
Have fun, the Unicender is a nice tool.

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
I've climbed in the Uni since Morgan debuted it.

There's never been a reason for me to back it up

Take a look in the archives if you want to see some clever slack tending modifications

I would recommend you get one of @yoyoman drums or is it barrel?

Climbing innovations is Richards company

Alejandro Concolor

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Never mind. Lol. Just seen how some people repell by wrapping the running end of the rope over the top. I guess that applies the extra friction to not worry about.
But what if you don’t wrap it, and just pinch on a single line? Would that decend too fast?

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